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Estes Lake is located in the Towns of both Alfred and Sanford Maine, in the southern county of York.  The lake was created in the late 1800's as part of the Mousam River upgrades, which included dams at both the westerly and easterly ends.  The lake is narrow, about 4 miles from end to end, and generally shallow with the deepest part about 29 feet.  Located 36 miles south west of Portland Maine, it is a beautiful asset to Southern Maine, and is truly treasured by the home and property owners which surround it.  It is surrounded by many acres of open space and state forest, providing an excellent buffer of trees and nature.  Frozen for about 4 months out of the year, it is enjoyed year round by all types of outdoor enthusiasts. 

The Estes Lake association consists of volunteer officers and trustees who's primary purpose is to maintain and improve the quality of life in and around the lake.  The Board's are made up of abutting property owners, some full time residents, and others who have camps and Summer homes.  The lake has seen huge water quality improvements in the last 20 years thanks to Board members and Trustees - we thank them for all they have done. 

This webpage is devoted to continuing the tradition of looking for thoughts, ideas and hard work to keep Estes Lake beautiful.  The association will constantly strive to protect the lake, surrounding properties and home owners so many future generations can continue using and enjoying this precious body of water. 


Meeting Minutes

Estes Lake Association Annual Meeting July 2009

Secretary Report:


Meeting was called to order by President Tom Fiore @ 1105 AM.

Tom introduced himself and the officers of Estes Lake Association. He also explained what the trustees of the association are responsible for.

Dues were collected prior to the meeting.

Becky Southwick gave the treasurers report:

Armand Talbert commented on the post cards sent out prior to the meeting. Tom Fiore followed that up with info on the Estes Lake Association web Site and stressed to everyone about the importance of getting their correct info to us. (I.e. correct e-mail address of mailing address) Tom also told everyone that he had not put up any signs for the meeting and he felt everyone had either received the post card or the e-mail. Rick Southwick volunteered to get the signs out prior to the BBQ in August.

Rick Southwick gave the Water Quality report. I explained that the clarity of the lake had gone down since we have had so much rain. Reading in June was much better than July. I mentioned about the erosion of the roadside by Lavalley Lumber into the lake.

Tom Fiore thanked Becky & Rick Southwick for all they do for the association and the lake.

Tom talked about not feeding the ducks or geese. He explained that on Square pond they have a bad problem with Duck Itch. Becky Southwick had hand outs that talked about Duck Itch.


New Business:

            Fred Frodyma got up and talked about the nominating committee (him and Dave Houle) He explained the process they used and the positions that were open.

Tom Fiore has agreed to stay on as President.

Audrey Tripousis has agreed to stay on as Vice President

Becky Southwick has agreed to stay on as Treasurer

Secretary is currently open and Charlotte Jones would like to run for that position.

Trustees run for staggered terms.

Currently Paula Frodyma and DJ Thornell  are sitting in a three year position.

Rick Southwick and Mary Sue Ring are in the two tear positions.

Dott  Mariello and Cathy Conley positions are up for re-election, but neither are interested in running again. Sandy Guilfoyle and  Gloria Pasquini are interested in running for the one year terms.

The floor was opened up for nominations from the floor.  Fred was asked what the Trustee position entailed. He explained .

Armand Talbert volunteered to hold any position we may need , but could not nominate himself. Gerry  Burggren made a statement the all past presidents are automatically trustees and he did not need to be nominated. Armand just said if we needed his help he would be willing to help any way he could.

Tom Fiore talked about the dam. Ridgewood is getting sold to another company. The new company told him that nothing should change. The current employees will stay and he will still get informed as he currently is. He was also given a tour of the dam when the water was so high. Dam was wide open and water was still running over the spillway. Tom could not remember the name of the new company when asked by Gerry Burggren.

Tom Announced the BBQ Aug. 8 at 1100 with meeting to elect the association new officers, followed by the BBQ. Marge Curry and Paula Frodyma will co-chair the BBQ this year. Marge asked for a show of hands as to who was planning on attending the BBQ/Meeting. About ¾ of people at the meeting raised their hands. Tom asked everyone to pass the word about the BBQ. Come and bring a desert or dish and ask your neighbor to attend if they are currently not members of the association.

Armand Talbert made a statement that the association dues had not gone up for many years. $10.00 was a great deal.

Tom Fiore went back to the web site and talked a little about it. He asked everyone to visit the site and fill in the form. Also asked everyone to send in anything the y would like to see on the site. He would look them over and try to get the site updated.

Tom Introduced Shirley Sheesly the Sanford Building Inspector. She was there to talk about the pending Shore-line Zoning ordinance changes that will be going to public hearing on July 21st, and adopted sometime in August of this year. She talked about using Erosion Control mix instead of mulch to stabilize your property

1.       The proposed change for building expansion. Currently if you are within 75’ of the water, you cannot increase the volume of your property at all. Under the proposed changes, you may be able to expand, up to a total of 1000 SQ ‘ as long as you go away from the water.

2.       Auxiliary Structures: If you have a non-conforming lot and do not have a storage shed, under the current rules, you would not be able to build one. Under the new rules, they can issue a building permit for one up to 80 Sq ‘.

3.       Lot Frontage: will increase from 100’ to 200’

4.       Impervious Area: Will decrease from 25% to 20% of your property. She explained what the Impervious area is. She also explained that if your property was already over the 25%, it was OK, but you could not make a change to your property to go above the 20% that would then make it a Non-conforming lot.

5.       Retaining Walls: Under the current rules, the DEP governs retaining walls. Under the new rules, the town of Sanford will take that over.

6.       Docks: Cannot be more than 20’ long and no greater than 100 Sq.’ (no change at this time. Zoning board is looking into this for a later change?)

7.       Clearing of Vegetation:  The formula has changed from a 25 X25 to a 25 X 50’ area. Best thing to do is to see Shirley for a permit.

8.       Buffer from water: A 25’ buffer must be maintained between the water and the front of your property if you have vegetation there now. You can now have a 6’ wide meandering path to the water. Nothing straight  (no clear cutting)

Dave Houle asked about cutting damaged trees down. Shirley said to see her to work out a re-planting plan if required, plus you need a permit to cut it down.

Jim Tringale  asked if the town could do anything about the burned out camp on Tall Pines Road? Shirley told him that the town had served notice to the owners to either get a permit to re-build or to demolish it, but had not heard back from them. She asked for the neighbors to try and put pressure on the owners to do something as well.

Fred Frodyma asked about the by-laws? Tom told everyone that he had about the only copy in existence, except maybe Armand Talbert. The revised by-laws are still being worked on and will get posted when changes are made.


Meeting adjourned at 11:55


                                                                        Respectfully Submitted

                                                                        Rick Southwick (Acting Secretary)


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